Vocational Coaches Offer Second Chance

From CHD services to CHD employee, Camille sets an example for himself



How did you learn about CHD?

Before I ever learned about CHD, I was working at the airport at Bradley International in Windsor Locks, CT in 2005. In 2010 I had an argument with someone in my life at my apartment on Park St. One thing led to another, and before I know it the police were at the door and they handcuffed me, charging me with assault and criminal mischief. This cost me my job, my relationship, and 13 months in jail. When I got out of jail I was homeless; sleeping in different shelters in the Hartford area. I was homeless for around 2 years. One day a staff member from CHD came to talk to me. His name is Ed Laiscell, and with his help I was able to learn about CHD and that began a new chapter in my life.

Why I started services at CHD?

I started services at CHD because I was going through a lot of depression in my life after losing my job, relationship of 8 years, and going to jail. I was constantly at the emergency room at Hartford Hospital getting evaluation from the doctors and then being sent to Willimantic to the Nashua Hospital. I stayed there for a few months; attending different kind of group yoga, relaxation, therapy, and then I was referred to Capital Region to a doctor who was able to diagnose me with schizophrenia, which is what lead me to services with CHD.

What was your experience like with the vocational program?

My experience with the vocational program was a fantastic opportunity to prove who I was, and to show myself who I was again, before all the traumatic events. I worked with a vocational manager named Roni, and after our meetings I was able to explain to them that I was ready and motivated to start working again. Roni called me shortly after that meeting and asked if I wanted to start working and I jumped at the opportunity. My supervisors, Kevin and Mike, saw my potential and my hardworking attitude and after proving myself to them they hired me full time. I am so grateful for this opportunity with CHD.



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