Why We Do What We Do

Candy Pennington, pictured on left, helped track Sam down over the Thanksgiving holiday after he failed to show up at the train station.

Through CHD’s 70 life changing programs and services, we help over 18,000 people per year. That number barely scratches the surface when you think about the ripple affect our services have on the family members of those we serve. Our staff is dedicated to each and every one of them. After the recent Thanksgiving holiday, before the leftovers were gone, we received this note from a family member of someone in our care and it is just one story demonstrating the importance of our work, why we do what we do:

My brother “Sam” is a patient/customer of CHD.  I live in NJ and last year I worked with Jeff Chappel (program supervisor for CHD’s Adult Mental Health Program in Springfield) to make sure Sam can come to stay with my family in NJ for a few nights over Thanksgiving.  I did so again this year but it was a long night on Wednesday the day before Thanksgiving because Sam never showed up at the train station!

He had to transfer in New Haven and didn’t have a phone with him as his broke and, although staff tried to get him one prior to boarding the train, the store didn’t have the one he needed for his plan.

I was worried wondering where Sam was and sent an email to Jeff – who was taking some days off but also copying Candace Pennington. I want you to know that she was such a wonderful help.  She and I spoke at least 3-4 times that evening and I actually got an email from her after midnight.  As we had finally tracked Sam down thinking he was heading back to Springfield but Candy found out he hadn’t and was able to get him on a cab to Springfield that night.

She was amazing.  She not only helped my brother but helped me.  I can’t begin to share how grateful I am of CHD for all the help the organization has been for my brother Sam but most of all for all the help Candy was that night and all the Jeff has been over the years.  We are so fortunate to have you all.  

God Bless her and all of your staff.  Thank you for all you do and you are so lucky to have Candy and Jeff!

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