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Western Mass Mom Prom Donates $20,000 to CHD’s Cancer House of Hope

(L-R) Cancer House of Hope (CHH) volunteer Jill Shinners, Western Mass Mom Prom (WMMP) Committee member Eva Dion, CHH volunteer April Lassard, CHH Program Director Margaret Toomey, CHD President and CEO Jim Goodwin, WMMP Committee member Stephanie Shaw, 2022 WMMP Chair Tammy Glynn, and CHD Senior Fundraising & Events Office Jennifer Baril.

A ladies’ night out with dancing and dining not only celebrated cancer survivors and warriors, but also resulted in a $20,000 gift to fund programs at CHD’s Cancer House of Hope in West Springfield.

The 7th Annual Western Mass Mom Prom, held on April 2 at Tekoa Country Club in Westfield, “was the perfect way for our community to support those in a battle of a lifetime against cancer,” said 2022 Mom Prom Chair Tammy Glynn at a donor thank-you celebration at the Cancer House of Hope on May 31. “We love what the Cancer House of Hope does, and this donation reflects the strong and special relationship we have with this organization.”

The Cancer House of Hope provides wellness programs and support services to men and women in our local area who are managing the challenges of a cancer diagnosis, whether they are in active treatment or recent recovery. It offers a wide variety of resources including support groups, oncology-certified massage, reiki, yoga, a wig boutique and variety of other therapeutic programs—all free of charge.

Cancer House of Hope Program Director Margaret Toomey said the donation is especially appreciated after the Mom Proms in 2020 and 2021 were canceled because of COVID. In 2019, Western Mass Mom Prom donated $10,000 from its annual event to the Cancer House of Hope. “This latest gift, like their last gift, is going to mean a lot of great things to a lot of the people we serve, because it’s going to benefit the entire House,” said Toomey. “We can use these funds for all of our programs, whether it be yoga, our wig boutique, or our support groups. We’re very grateful to have the Mom Prom as a community partner.”

The all-volunteer Western Mass Mom Prom made its debut in 2014 and has raised tens of thousands of dollars to help local women. Mom Prom chapters exist throughout the US, beginning in Michigan in 2006 as one volunteer group that wanted to raise money for their community. The 2022 Western Mass Mom Prom, which drew 276 participants, wore old prom, bridesmaid, and even wedding dresses—as well as 1950s attire and “pink ladies” garb, because the musical Grease was this year’s theme. “Pink Pass” survivor/warrior nominees from the community received a free ticket, free gown, hair, and makeup services at the event, raffle prizes, and a swag bag of items.

CHD President and CEO Jim Goodwin said the Mom Prom gift is especially meaningful because Cancer House of Hope is entirely funded by donor contributions. “Gifts to the Cancer House of Hope are critical—they enable CHD to use our other resources for other programs that aren’t as fortunate to benefit from the level of generosity that the Cancer House of Hope has been shown,” he said. “This donation is inspiring and incredibly impactful.”

The 8th Annual Western Mass Mom Prom will take place on April 1, 2023 with a “roaring ’20s” theme.