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Find Your Calling

There’s no typical workday at CHD. But every day, your work will make a difference. Join us and solve real problems right here in your community.

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Find a position that makes a true difference in your community!

Today, more than 1,700 people are putting their talents to work at CHD. From clinicians to cooks, recruiters to recovery coaches, we support 80+ programs that help people find the strength and resilience to live full, productive lives.

We Give it Our All

We are fierce defenders of human rights, advocates for families in crisis, and champions of everyday people.

We’re first responders and lifelong allies. We’re creative problem solvers who find solutions where others cannot.

If you’re ready to be a hero in someone’s life, we’d love to learn more about you.

“I can’t tell you how much I love my job!”

- Clinical director