Insight into engagement challenges & solutions for leaders during COVID-19

CHD leaders share tools and tips they’ve used to help teams stay in sync within in-person, hybrid and remote formats and ensure they continue to meet a diverse and growing set of needs for those CHD serves.

From turmoil to stability

Dee’s day starts shortly after sunrise in a small office she shares with a colleague.

She pores over neatly kept notes to help organize days that are rarely predictable. As part of the Permanent Supportive Housing team, Dee shepherds families through turmoil.

A U.S. Air Force veteran, Dee helps the most vulnerable families find a path to stability. Most have histories of substance use, complex medical diagnoses, domestic violence, and trauma.

For many, Dee is a welcome respite in a storm she hopes to permanently quell.


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“You can feel how CHD cares. They have a stake in everyone who’s getting services and values them as people.”

- Recovery Coach

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