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In Your Neighborhood

We hear you! We know how much you care for your community. We do, too.

As we expand into new areas, we invest heavily in renovations, landscaping, maintenance, and upkeep to help boost property values and neighborhood pride.

Our mission is to deliver high-quality healthcare on the local level because it yields better results. Connected to the community, people become invested in their neighbors, their loved ones, and themselves.

Renovating properties

You may notice that our renovated homes have a lot in common, such as fresh paint, tidy lawns, and respectful tenants. We care for these properties like our own homes, ensuring that noise levels, visiting hours, and upkeep are strictly monitored. All properties are staffed 24/7 with healthcare professionals and experienced support staff.

Reducing risk

From the rise of prescription drug use to the number of teens battling addiction, no one is immune to substance misuse. Our gender- and age-separate residential homes offer industry-leading treatment and support services that help men, women, teens, and young parents become responsible, productive citizens.


There’s no evidence that residential treatment centers reduce property values. In fact, a recent West Coast study found that the presence of a treatment center had no impact on home values after other variables were factored in.

One East Coast study found that areas surrounding treatment centers were no more dangerous than those around convenience stores. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, residential treatment centers have been shown to reduce crime, which is good for local economies and society as a whole.

In the majority of cases, CHD provides transportation so kids can continue attending the school they’re already enrolled in (if it’s a safe option, of course). Moving into a group home can be disruptive to a child’s life, so leaving positive norms in place can help maintain greater stability.

In establishing and maintaining residential programs, nothing is more important than the safety of our participants, staff, and surrounding community. There’s sometimes stigma associated with “group homes” yet facts and experience show us that they have little impact on surrounding neighborhoods from a public safety perspective.

We work closely with local police and emergency services to ensure we understand each other’s needs and support each other if issues arise. Our staff is carefully trained to respond immediately and appropriately to any potential safety issues.

We also make careful decisions about the fit of any given program for a potential participant. It’s in nobody’s best interest to place people into programs that can’t accommodate their distinct needs.