Our Approach

We’re Here to Find Solutions. CHD is CARF-accredited, which means we’re always evaluating and improving the quality of our programs.

By listening to those we serve and learning from their experiences, we’re able to offer solutions that do the most good.

Our clinicians, social workers, and direct care professionals are highly skilled in their specialties. Whether you’re struggling with addiction, facing homelessness, or just searching for a caring physician, we can help.

A Holistic Clinical Approach

Our clinical approach focuses on mind, body, and soul. We address the mental, physical, and environmental factors that affect well-being – so people can achieve healthy, productive lives.

At CHD, we’re committed to:

Prevention and Intervention

We focus heavily on prevention and early childhood intervention because the impact we have on children’s health improves communities overall.

We work diligently to reduce Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and other risk factors such as poverty and educational barriers as seen in our work with the Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative and Early Intervention programs.

Leading-Edge Medicine

CHD clinicians and caseworkers rely on evidence-based protocols to help people of all ages learn and develop. We’re trained in leading-edge modalities such as DBT, EMDR, and A-CRA.

We believe in trauma-informed care that considers all of a person’s life experiences. Instead of quick fixes, we help people heal on the deepest level.

Exceptional Outcomes

We partner with CARF so that we never stop learning and improving.

CARF accreditation also helps us tailor services to the varied needs of all program participants.

Caring for the whole person fosters better outcomes. Caring for the whole community fosters healthier societies.