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Grant Helps Individuals Served in CHD's Torrington, CT Residential Programs

Thanks to an $800 grant from the Northwest Connecticut Community Foundation, individuals served in CHD’s Torrington, CT programs will be provided with food, gas, and clothing cards to ensure their basic needs are met during the holiday season.

The grant was made possible through the Foundation’s Marion Wm. & Alice Edwards Fund.

CHD’s Torrington programs, which assist people with mental health and substance use issues, include our PILOTS supportive housing and mental health services for homeless individuals and families, as well as our Residential Support (RSP) program. RSP helps participants, who are able to live on their own, with all areas of daily living needs, including financial management, meal prep, education counseling, and treatment oversight with the goal of fostering greater independence.

CHD also operates Woodside, an intensive rehabilitation home in Torrington that allows people with persistent psychiatric issues to live in the community with assistance. Most Woodside residents have had psychiatric hospitalizations over the years. A full-time, on-site staff member provides help with daily living skills, community integration, and recreational opportunities.

Many people in these programs are transitioning back to living and working in the community again after a hospitalization.

“This time of year can be difficult for many, but it is especially hard when you are transitioning into a new place or way of life,” said CHD Grant Writer Chelsea Wait. “We’re grateful the Foundation recognizes the challenges so many of us face during the holidays and the impact support from those around us can make.”