Tammy Nothe-Hebert Speaks at Elder Support Event in Hadley

On March 6, CHD Vice President of Disability and Elder Services Tammy Nothe-Hebert was one of four speakers at a seminar entitled “Sage Stage of Life: Empowering Older Adults through Supportive Conversations” at the Hadley Senior Center. The event covered the topics of isolation and connection, sex and love, grief and loss, and stigma and emotional wellness.

Nothe-Hebert discussed sex and love, pointing out that we all worry about appearance and medical problems when we get older, but aging doesn’t consequently impede intimacy and connection.

Drinking alcohol as an older adult, she said, can cause erection problems and delay orgasm in women, and diabetes can cause erectile dysfunction. Bladder control, obesity, and stroke are other issues, but they don’t necessarily have to cause a loss of desire or sexual contact. Having a hysterectomy, Nothe-Hebert said, certainly does not mean a woman has to give up on her sex life. “It’s a myth that sex is not going to be good after hysterectomy,” she pointed out. “Most women report that their sex life is the same or better.”

Medications for such conditions as high blood pressure may cause reduced arousal, in which case you should “talk to your doctor about trying a different medication.”

After the speaker presentations, attendees participated in small group discussions. The seminar was also broadcast live on YouTube, where you can watch the event. Nothe-Hebert’s segment begins at 31:13.