Compassion from someone who understands

After Jan lost both her husband and mother to cancer, she wanted to do something to help others through this difficult diagnosis.

She chose to volunteer at Cancer House of Hope, welcoming countless visitors with a smile and a sense of understanding that means the world to patients and their loved ones.

Every Monday for nearly two years, Jan’s been working the reception desk and booking appointments for the array of programs and services offered throughout the week.

She was inspired to get involved by friends and fellow volunteers. Offering her time and energy to a place that helps others as they navigate their cancer journey seemed like a very meaningful cause.

“It was something I thought I’d like to do,” Jan says.

During every shift, Jan sees the difference a visit to Cancer House of Hope can make for participants. “I greet everyone when they enter. Sometimes they’re kind of down when they first come in. By the time they’re leaving they’re happier. You can see the appreciation and the difference.”

As part of her duties, Jan calls everyone who has an upcoming appointment so they don’t miss out on much-needed self care. She also maintains the appointment books for services like Reiki, massage, yoga, and more.

She welcomes new members, helping them fill out forms and showing them everything that’s offered at the house, from a monthly calendar of events to information on support groups and other resources.

“They’re able to get a little bit of everything, including camaraderie between one another with their shared experiences,” Jan says. “I think it’s a great place. I really do.”

Jan - Volunteer