A survivor gives back

As lead help desk technician at CHD, the very nature of Joe’s role is to lend a helping hand. During business hours, Joe solves IT issues for colleagues, ensuring that everyone has the tools they need to serve clients quickly and efficiently.

After 40 years with the organization, it was a cancer diagnosis that inspired Joe to give back in a whole new way – with a generous donation to Cancer House of Hope.

“Given my situation I felt as though I should be doing something,” says Joe. “It made me aware of what people are dealing with, so I was interested in supporting others in some way.”

He and his wife Jackie donated an in-house wig boutique to help cancer patients who are experiencing hair loss. Complete with complimentary fittings, it’s one of dozens of free programs offered to men and women in treatment, survivors, and family members.

Cancer House of Hope also offers services such as oncology-certified Reiki and massage, support groups, lectures, and art therapy. The program serves more than 400 people each year operating entirely on charitable donations.

In his decades of service, Joe has evolved right along with the agency. He began his career in the 1980s as a relief staff member for a community support program. It was a time when people began transitioning from institutions into community-based mental healthcare, residential group homes, and other independent living facilities.

In addition CHD’s move toward community-based care, Joe appreciates the growth and evolution of its direct care positions and the benefits provided for these vital roles.

“I think our services today are much more comprehensive,” he says. “CHD has done a great deal for employees as well. We have tremendous health insurance benefits here and believe me – I’m the guy who knows.”

Joe Newhall - Donor