Early Intervention

Helping Children and Families Since 1978

Each child is unique and grows at his or her own pace. But sometimes a child needs help. CHD’s Early Intervention Program can help. We work with infants and children from birth to 3 years of age who have or are at risk for developmental delays. A CHD team can assess your child’s abilities and, if indicated, will develop an individualized plan to promote development of play, movement, social behavior, communication, and self-care skills. We work with children and their families in their environment – no need to come to the office.

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Common Concerns

Parents often contact CHD’s Early Intervention because they are concerned about their baby/toddler’s development in the areas of speech delays, or delays in walking or crawling. Our experienced team can assess the possibility of a delay and work with you and your child to help them attain their milestones( catch up), if that’s what’s needed. We also work with children and diagnoses from Autism Spectrum Disorder, infants and toddlers with feeding concerns, toddlers with sensory issues and infants/toddlers with medical needs. We support the family by providing education, improving developmental milestones through teaching parents to interact with their infant/child while building strong emotional relationships with their child. In all cases, we work with families to connect them with other community services that might be helpful and provide several playgroups for both community members and CHD Early Intervention families to participate in with our interactive team members.

Developmental Milestones

These milestones are general guidelines to help you understand the range of typical development. If you have concerns, we can help you assess your child’s strengths and needs.


Actively moves arms and legs                                   Holds head up briefly                                         Grows in weight and height
Follows objects/faces using eyes                              Smiles, coos                                                         Sucks on hand
Lifts and turns head while lying


Reaches                                                                       Rolls                                                                      Brings hand to mouth
Makes gurgling noises                                               Varies cry


Sits by self                                                                  Gets onto hands and knees                              Crawls
Holds toys easily
Transfers toy from hand to hand                           Takes strained baby food from spoon             Makes beginning speech sounds (ma, pa, ba)
Understands “Bye-Bye”


Pulls to stand, sits alone                                          Drops a toy with accuracy                                  Responds to “No”, own name, family
Becomes aware of strangers                                   Imitates speech, sounds and gestures             Begins finger feeding

12-18 MONTHS

Walks                                                                        Uses fingers (points, picks up, holds)                Uses single words
Follows a simple direction                                     Feeds self using spoon or cup                            Activates toys by own efforts

18-24 MONTHS

Jumps, runs, climbs                                               Throws and kicks a ball                                        Uses two hands together
Begins pretend play                                               Uses names of objects and actions                   Names pictures and familiar objects
Uses 3-4 word sentences                                      Chews food well and uses straw

24-30 MONTHS

Walks up/down stairs                                             Uses beginning puzzle skills                              Puts simple clothes on by self
Able to play on own                                                Shows good attention to tasks

30-36 MONTHS

Rides a bike using pedals                                     Begins toilet training                                           Uses pronouns “I”, “Me” “You”
Engages in pretend play                                       Understands simple stories

Is your child missing milestones?  CHD Early Intervention can help:

For more information, please click here to submit your information online or contact us at earlyintervention@chd.org or by calling (413) 739-3954.


Early Intervention provides speech, physical and occupational therapy as well as assistance with developmental, mental health and other social concerns. Our service area includes the towns of Springfield, East Longmeadow, Longmeadow, Wilbraham, and Hampden Massachusetts.


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