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Court-Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)

CASA volunteers are trained to represent abused and neglected children in court. Having an advocate by their side increases a child's chance of finding safe, permanent housing.

A Voice for Children in the Courtroom

Thousands of abused and neglected children end up in the court system without a caring adult by their side. The effects of these traumatic experiences can last a lifetime.

Since 1977, Court-Appointed Special Advocates have been speaking up for kids who can’t. Appointed by judges, CASA volunteers create special bonds with each child, meet with adults involved in the case, and make recommendations to the judge that help safeguard their future.

CASA of Hampden County, a CHD program, was founded by Judge Rebekah Crampton-Kamukala in 1989 and advocates for children throughout Springfield and Holyoke.

CASA-supported kids are more likely to find stable housing and to succeed in school. They’re also half as likely to re-enter the foster care system.

The courtroom can be a scary place for a child. CASA helps make it a place of hope, healing, and new beginnings.

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The courtroom is a scary place for children. CASAs help make it a place of healing and new beginnings.

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