Human Rights

Our human rights system of checks and balances puts people at the center of all we do, protecting the human, legal, and civil rights that are essential to living a full and satisfying life.

Protecting Human Rights is at the Core of Our Mission

We strive to treat everyone with respect and dignity, but ensuring this happens – every day in every program in every location – takes more than good intentions.

To safeguard everyone we serve, especially the most vulnerable, our formal human rights system includes dedicated advocates and volunteers:

Human Rights Advocates are CHD staff members who protect the rights of individuals we serve and train colleagues how to do the same. From registering to vote to budgeting for a new apartment, they teach skills that foster independence. These passionate advocates are part of every program we design.

Human Rights Committee members are community volunteers with experience in the mental health, youth services, advocacy, medical, and legal fields. They help with a range of responsibilities such as reviewing behavior and medication plans, investigating complaints, making on-site visits, evaluating policies and procedures, and collaborating with agency directors.

This added layer of support and oversight helps us better protect the rights of people we serve so we can fully nurture their growth and self-sufficiency.

To learn more or become a volunteer, please contact Mark Alvarado Medina at [email protected] or 413-272-2254.