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Intellectual & Developmental Disability Support

By ensuring that all people with intellectual and developmental disabilities have access to safe housing, medical services, and a network of supportive caregivers, we're building a society where everyone has the chance to thrive.

Innovative, Community-Based Care

We’re proud to be an innovator in the design and delivery of programs, services, and supports for people with disabilities.

Every day, we advocate for children and adults with disabilities, parents raising children with disabilities, and anyone who cares deeply about someone with a disability.

We provide residential living and day care programs that enable adults to engage with peers in a safe, stimulating environment, including:

  • Outreach Supports foster independent living in adults with developmental and intellectual challenges.
  • Shared Living matches clients with intellectual disabilities to community members who wish to share their homes and lives.
  • Meadows Homes provides residential housing where clients with intellectual disabilities can live full, active lives.
  • Community-Based Day Support allows individuals to access the community to explore vocational, recreational and volunteer activities, while building skills that promote independence

Our mission is to help all people reach their full potential.