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Residential Homes For the Developmentally Disabled

We help residents develop emotionally, cognitively, and socially so they can live life to the fullest. We focus on every person’s needs and abilities while ensuring their safety and access to excellent healthcare services.

Not Just a Home, a Nurturing Community

Meadows Homes can provide your loved one with a safe, nurturing place to learn, grow, and just be themselves.

With 20 locations throughout the community, our programs help residents develop emotionally, cognitively, culturally, and socially to their maximum potential.

We serve an average of 70 adults with intellectual disabilities thanks to funding from the Department of Developmental Disabilities of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Based on the level of care that’s needed, we offer several support options, including:

  • 24-hour residential support
  • Shared living placement services
  • Individual community support

A person in residential housing will receive 24-hour care while those in a shared living environment or their own home will receive services based on their schedule and individualized needs.

With approximately 80 full-time employees and more than 100 part-time employees, we’re able to ensure the highest quality care for all participants.

Staff members working with more intense medical or behavioral needs receive additional training.

Our goal is for all residents to live healthy, fulfilling lives. Our holistic approach to serving residents includes guidance with:

  • Safety skills
  • Decision making
  • Health and dental care
  • Nutrition and meal planning
  • Community participation
  • Recreation and leisure
  • Household responsibilities
  • Human sexuality
  • Positive behavior supports
  • Money management
  • Representative payee services
  • Relationship building

A variety of leisure activities, which can include family and friends, are accomplished with the help of a dedicated staff and registered nurse.

Cooking classes, exercise classes, and varied recreational opportunities are offered. Additionally, we assist with transportation for community activities and employment opportunities.

Referrals typically come from the Department of Developmental Services.

A legacy of change-making

The Barnharts have been with CHD from the beginning. Their work to enhance the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities has set the stage for a beautiful partnership.


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