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Greenfield Center for Wellness

We launched the Greenfield Center for Wellness to serve as an example of the kind of unified, holistic healthcare that is at the core of what we do.

CHD is proud to bring integrated healthcare to families in Franklin County. This modern, three-story wellness center delivers primary, emotional, and dental care under one roof so we can better serve the needs of our community.

We Believe In Whole-Person Healthcare 

Since opening our doors in 1972, we’ve been developing programs that care for the physical, emotional, and social needs of people in the community.

Greenfield Center for Wellness is a beacon of integrated healthcare that does exactly that.

By partnering with the Community Health Center of Franklin County (CHCFC), we’re able to offer a wider range of services in one location.

Working closely together, CHCFC clinicians and CHD social workers design care plans that complement one another. Streamlining services eliminates the need for clients to make multiple trips to various providers. It’s all here in one convenient place.

In addition to medical care, a range of wellness classes is offered. Clients 18 and over are welcome to join in:

  • Yoga and exercise classes
  • Smoking cessation courses
  • Nutrition and cooking classes
  • Chronic disease management workshops

Optimal healthcare treats the whole person. That’s what you’ll find in Greenfield along with a caring, compassionate team of providers.

Central Registration Desk

Please call this number for information about programs, services, and more.

A Local Landmark Becomes a Community Resource

Finding the right space for our clinic came down to three requirements: It had to be easy to find, large enough to serve thousands, and a reflection of our community.

The long abandoned Sears & Roebuck building was the perfect fit.

Working with local builders, in close collaboration with the town of Greenfield, we turned the one-stop shop for household goods into a one-stop shop for healthcare services.

With its historic 1930s brick storefront intact, the fully renovated building now boasts 100+ modern treatment rooms, meeting spaces, and wellness areas.

We are grateful to CHCFC for helping make this a reality and proud to join in the revitalization of downtown Greenfield.