Primary Care Behavioral Health

Our flagship outpatient mental health facility in Greenfield, Massachusetts is a point of pride throughout our organization.

Integrated healthcare represents the future of human services because it just makes better sense – for patients, providers, and the whole community.

Making medical, dental, and outpatient mental health services available in one location helps more people access care, reduces costs, and creates a space for healing that honors all aspects of a patient’s well-being.

Greenfield Center for Wellness, opened in 2018, is bringing integrated healthcare to families throughout our region.

In addition to onsite primary medical care services, CHD Health & Wellness provides case management by a dedicated care manager at various locations, an array of wellness activities (dance, yoga, massage, writing retreats, tobacco cessation, nutrition counseling), and regular biometric screenings, including blood pressure and carbon monoxide monitoring.

Caring for the Whole Person

Providing high-quality medical services under one roof isn’t just convenient – it can save lives.

Integrated health care can help:

Improve Access

The majority of primary care providers have difficulty finding outpatient behavioral health services for their patients.

Integrating behavioral healthcare allows physicians to easily refer clients for individual or family therapy, get support for dual-diagnosis treatment, and access other helpful services.

Lower Healthcare Costs

In terms of both delivery of care and helping people with behavioral health issues return to work, integrated care is highly cost-effective.

Integrating mental health, substance use, and primary care services improves outcomes and proves the most effective approach to caring for people with multiple healthcare needs.

Reduce Opioid-Related Deaths

Many patients struggling with substance use require behavioral health services. When primary care doctors can screen patients for substance use, they can help reduce the number of overdose-related health crises and deaths.

An integrated approach makes behavioral healthcare more convenient and accessible, which can be life saving for many patients.

Boost the Local Economy 

Greenfield Center for Wellness is expected to have an annual economic impact of more than $11 million and bring 80 professional employees to the area.

The center enables clients to access care in a simple and coordinated way, including easier scheduling and better transportation options.

From preventive screenings to immunizations, integrated healthcare makes caring for the whole family easier for patients and providers alike.

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