Psychiatric Care

While counseling alone can help with many issues, there are times when medication can provide additional and sometimes substantial relief.

A Modern Approach to Mental Health

Whole-person psychiatric care recognizes that the mind and body are deeply connected.

A person with a chronic physical illness is more likely to develop depression or anxiety, while someone experiencing a mental health challenge is more likely to develop a physical illness.

Understanding these important connections, we care for all aspects of a client’s well-being.

Our Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinics offer consultations with psychiatrists, Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs), and a dedicated support staff. CHD practitioners are highly experienced in the assessment and medication management of a wide variety of behavioral health conditions.

What to Expect

If you are interested in psychiatric services, you will be connected to a psychiatric provider within 72 hours. A psychiatrist will review your medical history and current symptoms, develop a full understanding of how certain issues are affecting you, and determine whether medication may be helpful.

Regular follow-up is essential as medication typically needs to be adjusted to ensure the right dosage. Additionally, other medications or combinations of medications may be prescribed.

Continuing with counseling is critical to managing your overall health. We’ll collaborate closely with your therapist over the course of your treatment.

Once symptoms have stabilized, it may be possible for your primary care doctor to prescribe medications. We’ll help you find options for ongoing medication management if you’re transitioning out of therapy services at CHD.

With clinics throughout Western Massachusetts, we’re helping more people access psychiatric care – and get back to feeling better.

Counseling, combined with properly prescribed medication, has been shown to reduce symptoms in clients seeking mental health treatment by an average of nearly 70%.