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Therapeutic Mentoring

This special program represents an integrated, holistic way of offering therapeutic mentoring for children in Western MA, including Hampshire and Franklin counties.

Therapeutic Mentoring can help build your child’s confidence in social settings, school, or anywhere they’re struggling.

Every Child Has Natural Gifts and Talents 

Therapeutic Mentoring pairs your child with a trained adult who will help them put skills learned in therapy to use at the playground, after-school program, and other local settings.

Your mentor and CHD therapists will work closely with other important people in your child’s life such as teachers, doctors, caseworkers, and members of your extended family.

Offered to kids in Western Massachusetts through the Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI), this unique program teaches kids to solve problems creatively, share their feelings, and develop other life skills.

Above all, our goal is to recognize your child’s natural abilities and build upon them.

The goal is learning new skills, not just having fun – though it’s perfectly fine if learning is a blast.

We can help your child:

  • Resolve conflicts
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Meet goals set forth in therapy
  • Role play new behaviors
  • Practice skills in the community
  • Find new strategies for success

Therapeutic Mentoring is a mobile service available to clients up to 21 years of age who live in Western Massachusetts.

Central Registration Desk

Please call this number for information about programs, services, and more.

“Fortunately Deveron was the mentor we ended up with, because he’s been great. My son has been with Deveron for a while now, and it was the best thing we could have done,”

- Laura & Raymond