Addiction Recovery

We've spent years developing and refining our recovery houses and residential approach for Western MA.

Whether you’re struggling with addiction or supporting loved ones who are, most of us will be touched by addiction at some point. Across the nation and here in Massachusetts, the opioid crisis has devastated entire communities.

Addiction Recovery Is Possible

If addiction is causing you pain, we can help.

For over 50 years, we’ve been helping people understand the root causes of addiction so that true healing can begin. We develop personalized treatment plans that honor your life experiences and support your long-term recovery.

Addiction recovery houses and outpatient treatment centers in Western Massachusetts are not all created equal. Our compassionate approach includes:

  • Leading-edge treatment modalities, available right here in your community
  • Highly experienced addiction specialists who treat the whole person – physically, emotionally, and spiritually
  • Recovery coaches with lived experience who understand exactly what you’re going through
  • Inpatient recovery houses and outpatient programs tailored to adults, families, young adults, women, and new mothers
  • Care for co-occurring conditions such as trauma, depression, anxiety, and PTSD
  • Lifelong support that makes relapse less likely

Left untreated, addiction can leave lasting physical and emotional scars. Even if you’ve experienced recurrence, we can help. Reach out today and speak to people who’ve been where you are.

Reducing the Stigma Around Addiction

Our thinking around addiction has changed, so our language is changing too. For years, health professionals used words like “drug abuse” and “addict” when talking about people struggling with substance use.

Today, we know that addiction is a disease. As with cancer or diabetes, there are behavioral, environmental, biological, and genetic causes.

To reflect this reality, we’re changing the way we talk about substance use disorders. If you see outdated words on our site, that’s just so people googling those terms can find the help they need.

With continued effort, we’ll remove the stigma for good.

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