Aster House

For people who've made progress in recovery, there are important steps to take before transitioning out of treatment. Aster House helps ease the adjustment.

Supporting A Healthy Transition Home

Aster House welcomes people, 18 and older, who’ve made significant progress in recovery.

This residential home teaches life skills, offers structure, and provides a network of support that makes relapse less likely.

The care provided at Aster House is based on Co-occurring Enhanced Residential Rehabilitation Service (COE-RRS). This innovative treatment program is part of a statewide effort to address the addiction crisis in Massachusetts.

Clients are selected based on their fit for the program and demonstrated commitment to recovery.

Highly structured, Aster House is staffed 24/7 offering:

  • Experienced clinicians, nurses, and recovery specialists
  • Daily clinical, behavioral, and recovery treatment groups
  • Housing and treatment for up to one year
  • Medication-assisted treatment

The goal of Aster House is to build upon your progress and strengthen your commitment to recovery.

Your care team can help keep you on track by coordinating treatment among your providers, ensuring you make important appointments, and helping you manage setbacks.

With a focus on education, integrated services, and aftercare planning, Aster House helps clients hold onto the gains made throughout the recovery process.

Central Registration Desk

Please call this number for information about programs, services, and more.

“All of the staff, especially the recovery specialists, really help us and the program succeed. They never give up on me. They’ve pushed me when I needed it; and even if I didn’t like it then, the longer I was here the more I was able to recognize it. They let you feel your feelings and then talk to you about it, and they actually help you get through it. They understand it’s not going to happen overnight, but they work at it with us.”

- Chris, Aster House Resident