Adolescent Community Reinforcement Approach (A‑CRA)

This holistic addiction recovery program for adolescent children was developed from the ground up for our population in Western MA.

When teens are struggling with addiction, there’s usually more going on. There’s pressure at school, in relationships, and at home. There may also be mental health issues that require proper diagnosis and treatment.

Teenagers Can Be Resilient

A-CRA was designed to help young people, ages 13 to 17, recover from substance use by replacing risky behaviors with positive experiences that build self esteem.

We involve the whole family in treatment so that everyone can learn about addiction together. We work on communication, problem solving, and other skills that support sobriety.

CHD is one of the few local agencies with master’s level clinicians certified to deliver A-CRA.

Highlights of this life-changing program include:

  • 12 to 14 intensive sessions delivered in a community setting
  • Care for co-occurring conditions such as depression and anxiety
  • Activities and goals established by the client
  • Help creating safe environments that support recovery
  • Professional coordination with important systems, including education, juvenile justice, child welfare, and mental health

Young people with healthy self esteem, a strong support system, and passions of their own are less likely to turn to drugs and alcohol.

There are many children’s mental health programs in Western Massachusetts. Our A-CRA specialists provide fully integrated care to addresses all of the mental, physical, and social needs of your teen. Let us help your family find the harmony you’ve been seeking.

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