Community Support Program (CSP)

CSP is a mobile, short-term program delivering intensive case management services. Central to our philosophy of care, CSP helps clients live independently in the community and avoid unnecessary hospitalizations.

Teaching Life Skills That Empower People

CSP was designed for people whose mental health issues are interfering with their ability to access the medical and social services they need to manage daily living.

Our continuum of care allows us to access more than 80 programs and services on behalf of individuals and families we serve. This wrap-around approach provides support and resources when and where they are needed – quickly.

CSP is available through our outpatient clinics in Orange, Greenfield, Holyoke, and Springfield. CSP also collaborates with hospital inpatient units and addiction programs.

Services provided by CSP include:

  • Helping to improve a person’s daily living skills
  • Providing care coordination with other providers
  • Providing temporary transportation to fulfill medical, behavioral health, or other appointments
  • Assisting with benefit programs, housing, or health care coverage
  • Collaborating with Emergency Services/Mobile Crisis Intervention (ESP/MCI), outpatient care, or other providers
  • Facilitating peer support and self-help services
  • Fostering self-empowerment, recovery, and wellness

How Do I Make a Referral?

Please fill out the CHD CSP Transition of Care Intake Form and fax it to our central registration office at (413)439-2109

Referrals can be made at any time during the course of treatment. However, we have found that referrals received while a person is on an inpatient unit work best. It expedites making a connection with the client and allows CSP to be part of discharge treatment planning.

It’s helpful for the person to know why and when the referral was made so that they are prepared to meet us. It can be overwhelming for yet another provider to enter the person’s life unexpectedly.