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Hampshire & Franklin County Continuum

We help at-risk children and youth return to — and remain in — their homes by supporting the whole family with community-based, wraparound care.

A Nurturing Home is the Best Place to Be

We provide essential support services to families where a child is  at risk for outplacement or is transitioning back from an out-of-home placement.

In these situations, a stable home is critically important. Our goal is to strengthen families so that children can remain there and thrive.

With intensive outreach and 24/7 crisis support, our counselors and caseworkers work closely with all family members to identify and remove obstacles to community-based living.

Continuum Core Team

Families in this program are supported by a core team of providers, including a master’s level clinician and outreach worker who offer in-home support for an average of 6 hours per week.

Services are based on each family’s unique needs and allow for creativity and flexibility to meet goals. When necessary, we will add occupational therapists, psychiatrists, peer mentors, and other specialists to the team.

If a higher level of care is needed we can provide access to residential care or intensive foster care. Deciding which setting is best for children is a collaborative process involving all family and core team members.

Support Services

Family outreach includes comprehensive support services, which may include:

  • Advocating for educational needs
  • Strengthening home management skills
  • Self care for parents, including in-home respite services
  • Behavioral and feelings management
  • Restoring independent living skills
  • Building engagement in community activities
  • Nurturing creative interests and hobbies
  • Symptom management

We provide ongoing care to the entire family even if a child is no longer living at home. This continuum of care ensures the best outcomes for everyone.

Children and youth are referred by the Department of Mental Health or the Department of Children and Families.