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The Cammmer Cup is an annual fundraiser that raises awareness and necessary funds for the Springfield Thunderbird Sled Hockey Team.  $3 is donated for each ticket sold by the team.  This event is in memory of Alex Camerlin.  Alex was a strong motivator and team player.  Please help keep this sport going for players like Alex.

Click on the flyer below to purchase tickets.

Programs and Activities

Disability Resources offers 15+ different activities and sports for all ages and abilities. From year-round activities like dance and movement and sled hockey, to seasonal activities like water skiing and snow skiing, we are always looking to cater to your interests. If you have a suggestion for a program, let us know! We want to provide fun, engaging, confidence-building activities for you! 

Fun summer activities include: fishing, kayaking, rock climbing, basketball clinic, hip-hop dance, water skiing, cycling, and many social outings!


An annual membership fee of $50 will give you or your child:

  • Opportunity to participate in year-round athletic programs
  • Invitations to social outings including movies, dinner, concerts, and more
  • Access to adaptive equipment such as handcycles, sport wheelchairs, bi-skis, mono-skis, and bowling equipment.
  • Reduced rates on activities, special events, and equipment loans
  • subscription to our newsletter

Community Presentations

Whether addressing school children or business professionals, our presentations are designed to address questions, concerns and ideas about physical disabilities. Adapted play can also be incorporated to increase understanding and fun!


CHD’s Disability Resources is open to everyone – especially those who have served our country. We are looking to work with a Vet’s Organization or a group of Vet’s to create a Veteran specific program. This could be an ongoing program or one-time event. If you have an idea or want to start  a discussion, please email disabilityresources@chd.org or call Jess at 413-788-9695.


We are very grateful for assistance from members of the community. If you’re interested in volunteering for Disability Resources, visit our cart system, complete the free checkout, and someone will reach out to you shortly to discuss your interests and availability. Thanks for looking into volunteering to help Disability Resources!

Current Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Fishing – Wednesday Evenings – No Experience Required 
  • Kayaking/Canoeing – Thursday Afternoons – Experience Required
  • Cycling – Thursdays and Sundays – Experience Required
  • Social Programs – Times Vary – Must be comfortable working with adults with intellectual disabilities
  • Dance and Movement – Thursdays, September through May – No Experience Required
  • Sled Hockey – September through April – Experience Required
Mailing Address
CHD Disability Resources
64 Century Way
West Springfield, MA 01089
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Program Manager 
Jessica Levine
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