Jessie’s House


Jessie's House

Jessie’s House, the cornerstone of CHD’s homeless services, has been working with families since 1983. As one of the first family shelters in Massachusetts, Jessie’s House continues to serve and guide families struggling with homelessness, toward a future of hope, good health, and a safe place to call home while assisting them in developing the skills needed to establish sustainable self-sufficiency. Once families move to permanent housing; the staff at Jessie’s House continues to provide outreach services to help families continue on the path to success.

Jessie’s House congregate site is located in a Victorian-era home in Amherst. The building is leased from the First Congregational Church in Amherst, which is our next door neighbor. The congregate shelter serves six families at a time and is full nearly every night. Jessie’s House is the only shelter for families in Hampshire County. Referrals for Jessie’s House come through the Department of Housing and Community Development. If you are homeless, or you know someone who is, more information is available at


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17 Seelye Street
Amherst, MA 01002