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Maternity Homeless Youth Shelters

This program is an example of our innovative thinking about how to care for all of our community members, providing homeless shelters for pregnant youths and young parents throughout Western Massachusetts.

As the only program of its kind in Western Massachusetts, these homes provide more than just safety and shelter. We offer the counseling and skills training that help young parents become responsible caregivers.

Helping Young Families Build Stable Futures

Young parents without stable income and housing have the odds stacked against them. We can provide that stability so young families have the chance to learn, grow, and lead productive lives.

Our youth shelters use a supervised apartment model in locations throughout Hampden County. We assist pregnant and parenting youth up to age 22.

In addition to safe housing, we provide support services, life skills training, educational guidance, referrals, and aftercare.

CHD caseworkers connect residents with academic and vocational supports, Early Intervention, and Head Start programs. Along with weekly social and educational groups, we offer individual and family counseling through our outpatient clinics.

Potential residents cannot be receiving services from the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families or the Massachusetts Department of Youth Services.

The goal of this program is to help young parents become loving, supportive role models as they transition to self-sufficient living.

Diversion Shelter and Housing

Please call this number for information about programs, services, and more. 24 hours a day 7 days a week.