Homelessness Programs and Services

Shelter, Hotel / Motel Support and Re-housing

If you are in need of housing or shelter please call (413) 737-2679


Shelter Programs

Shelter programs provide critical support and stability for homeless families. CHD operates three kinds of shelters. In congregate shelters each family has its own room, but shares common space, such as the kitchen and living room, with other families. Co-sheltering is a model where CHD leases and staffs an apartment building. Two families share each apartment within that building. In scattered site housing, families are housed in individual apartments throughout the area. This is an outreach model where case workers go into the community to work with each family.

Hotel / Motel Support

With close to 1,900 families living in motels across the state and 400 families sheltered in motels in western Massachusetts; CHD, a subcontractor of HAP Housing, Inc., provides housing search services for families living in area motels.

As with families moving out of shelter into housing; families moving out of motels and into housing; receive the same significant wrap around support to maintain their housing situation.

Re-housing Program

As families move out from shelter and motels into permanent housing, CHD’s re-Housing team provides families with the supports and referrals. CHD caseworkers assist these families with the inevitable “bumps in the road” that occur for any family. Through their support, families are empowered to advocate for themselves and to become increasingly independent and self sufficient. In FY 14, 100% of the families CHD assisted with re-housing did not re-enter the shelter system.