Supervised Community Residences

Adults who've been hospitalized or detained face many challenges when returning home. Our residential programs provide intensive support to help these men and women maintain a safe, stable living situation.

A variety of solutions for a variety of needs

People become homeless for a variety of reasons, including unemployment, mental illness, poverty, disabilities, domestic violence, and substance use issues. At CHD, we offer a range of programs that provide short- and long-term housing to those in need.

Supervised Living

Supervised apartments are designed for men with sexually problematic behaviors due to mental health or substance use issues. We help them master the skills needed to live responsibly and independently, providing a high level of attention, care, and supervision as they reintegrate into the community.

Intensive Residential Rehabilitation Homes
Hartford, Torrington

Intensely supervised, 24/7, these residential homes provide services to high-risk individuals who have a history of hospitalizations, chronic health issues, and difficulty living on their own.

Odyssey House – Hartford

Designed for high-risk young adults, this program tailors services to each person’s needs, paying particular attention to cultural background. Our staff is bilingual and well trained in diversity to respond respectfully to the needs of the multi-cultural communities that we serve.

Sequoia House – Hartford

This program works with people under the jurisdiction of Connecticut’s Psychiatric Security Review Board (PSRB) who are being discharged from Connecticut Valley Hospital. We provide participants a safe, stable alternative to institutional settings.

Woodside – Torrington
Compass House 
– New Milford

Our Woodside and Compass House programs allow people with persistent psychiatric issues to live in the community with assistance. Most have had psychiatric hospitalizations over the years. A full-time, on-site staff provides assistance with daily living skills, community integration, and recreational opportunities.

Residential Support Program
Hartford, Waterbury, Torrington

This program provides intensive support to people with chronic mental illness and substance use issues who can live on their own. We assist participants with all areas of daily living needs, including financial management, meal prep, education counseling, and treatment oversight with the goal of fostering greater independence.

Residential Rehabilitation Services (RRS)

Crossover Group Home – Hartford

We serve individuals with mental illness or co-occurring mental illnesses and substance use issues. This program provides psycho-education and other services to help individuals transition successfully back into the community.

Supportive Housing
Hartford, Waterbury, Danbury, Torrington

This program serves individuals and families experiencing homelessness. As a scattered-site housing model, it allows families to live in apartments throughout the area. Caseworkers meet with each family on a regular basis to provide outreach and services that encourage self-sufficiency.

In collaboration with city housing authorities, our PILOTS program also provides permanent housing support and mental health services to homeless individuals and families with diagnosed mental illness and substance use issues. If actively committed to their recovery, participants may receive rental vouchers that allow them to live independently.