Hospitality Center

We help people experiencing homelessness take care of basic needs so they can move toward stability. We offer guidance and resources to guests as they confront barriers and work to achieve a healthy, balanced life.

Moving on from Homelessness

Having a safe, stable home nurtures the mind, body, and soul.
Without it, stability is nearly impossible.

Our hospitality center is a safe haven for homeless adults. Here, guests can take a hot shower, do laundry, use a computer, make phone calls, collect mail, take shelter from the elements, and enjoy a brief respite from daily struggles.

In addition to meeting these basic needs, we provide information about programs designed to move people out of homelessness and toward independence.

Most importantly, we help people help themselves by sharing our philosophy of whole-person wellness. We offer resources that help adults take care of their physical, mental, and social needs to end the cycle of poverty. We partner with these and other agencies to help people move on from homelessness for good:

  • NOW, Inc.
  • Waterbury Department of Public Health
  • Waterbury Legal Aid
  • Family Care Visiting Nurse
  • Associates for Training & Development, Inc.
  • Waterbury Hospital Community Outreach
  • Workplace Success Group
  • Wellmore Behavioral Health
  • MCCA Waterbury Outpatient Clinic
  • State of Connecticut Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services

We serve 60 to 80 people each day with two full-time staff members, an outreach worker, and the generous support of volunteers.

Get Involved

Volunteer at the Hospitality Center

The CHD Hospitality Center  is a true haven for the homeless population. Here, homeless persons have the opportunity to take a shower, do laundry, use a computer or telephone, collect mail, take shelter from snow, cold and rain, and enjoy a brief respite from the harshness of living on the street. In addition to meeting these basic needs, the Hospitality Center also provides information about programs designed to move people out of homelessness.

Donate to the Hospitality Center

Your support means more than just food, shelter, and other essential human needs for the people who visit the Hospitality Center. It helps give people a chance to get back on their feet.

“Without these services it would have been almost impossible for me to focus on moving forward. Thanks Mrs. Rosa and Mr. Mike for all that you’ve done for me in my journey. I look forward to giving back to others who are going through such a stressful situation.”

- Lynda