Volunteer for Cancer House of Hope

We offer people in treatment, survivors, and their loved ones respite during a challenging time in life.

You Help Us Provide Hope 

Cancer House of Hope is funded completely by donations and grants. Thanks to volunteers like you, we never have to charge for programs or services.

We’re here to provide care, comfort, and educational resources to men and women in treatment, survivors, and family members. Many  volunteers are also cancer survivors who understand exactly what participants are going through.

We’d love to have your help with these and other programs:

  • Men’s cancer support group
  • Women’s cancer support group
  • Friends and family support groups
  • A monthly lecture series
  • Oncology-certified massage
  • Oncology-certified Reiki
  • On-site counseling
  • Art therapy
  • Wig fittings
  • Yoga

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Support programs and services that change lives.

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Cancer House of Hope

Cancer House of Hope provides care and comfort to men and women in treatment, survivors, and family members.

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Your kind support provides over 400 of our neighbors, friends, and loved ones with access to free services and therapies that bring comfort, care, strength, resilience and hope to patients with cancer and their loved ones. Thank you.

Compassion from someone who understands

After Jan lost both her husband and mother to cancer, she wanted to do something to help others through this difficult diagnosis.

She chose to volunteer at Cancer House of Hope, welcoming countless visitors with a smile and a sense of understanding that means the world to patients and their loved ones.

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