Getting Help

To ask for help or make a referral:

Contact Laura Reichsman ~ phone 413-548-1270 ~ email



How We Can Help:

In crisis?

FOA can help you get what you need to move beyond the crisis.

Have a lot of different things going on?

FOA caseworkers provide ongoing support with getting financial benefits, rides to appointments, counseling, parenting support, health care, and housing. FOA works with schools, police, doctors, and others to help families.

Have a one-time problem?

FOA can help mediate with landlords and utility companies, find childcare, and find help for health emergencies.

Need information?

FOA can help you find community resources to meet your specific needs.

Need someone to come to your house?

Our home visiting program can help you deal with crises and conflict resolution, learn life skills and budgeting, cope with parenting, and find services.

More help FOA Caseworkers provide:

  • Financial Issues: Accessing SNAP, WIC, and SSDI/SSI benefits, MassHealth, fuel assistance
  • Housing: Mediation with landlords, rental arrears, utility shut off protection, access to furniture
  • Health: Emergency medical appointments, mental health referrals
  • Domestic Violence: Counseling and assisting with restraining orders
  • Legal Issues: Applying for child support, advocated in probate court with custody issues, advocated with Department of Children and Families
  • Employment: Employment search, assisting mother taking online courses to become licensed daycare provider
  • Parenting Issues: Access to childcare, parenting support