Community Support Program (CSP)

At Providence Behavioral Health Hospital

Community Support Program (CSP) is a short-term, mobile and flexible program delivering intensive case management services. CSP is appropriate for people whose mental health status has interfered with their ability to access essential medical, behavioral health and social services to independently conduct activities of daily living. The primary goal of CSP is to help individuals live independently in the community and to avoid unnecessary hospitalizations.  It is intended to be an integral part in CHD’s continuum of care.

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CHD’s philosophy of care means ready access to more than 70 different programs and services for the individuals and families we serve. It’s a wrap around approach which provides additional supports and resources when and where they are needed.

CSP is designed primarily for adults, age 18 and older, but may also be appropriate for transitioning youth under the age of 18 years who are not otherwise being served by Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI) programs.

CSP at Providence Behavioral Health Hospital works in close coordination with, and complements services provided in the CHD outpatient clinic.  CSP also works closely with referring Providence Hospital’s inpatient units and addiction programs.

Eligibility: To be eligible a person must meet one or more of the following admission criteria:

  • Individuals who have been in an acute level of psychiatric or substance abuse care for at least fifty-two (52) days in a calendar year.
  • Individuals who have demonstrated and documented consistent non-compliance and treatment failures for at least six months.
  • Catastrophic events which place the individual at risk for multiple hospitalizations.
  • New diagnoses of an Axis 1 psychotic disorder resulting in their first inpatient psychiatric admission.
  • A pregnant woman who is actively using harmful substances.
  • Many other social stressors and psychiatric issues which may precipitate multiple admissions, therefore making people eligible.
  • Individuals having been given a dual diagnosis of a major mental illness and substance misuse.

Services provided by CSP Coordinators include:

 Assisting in improving a person’s daily living skills so they are able to perform them independently or access services that support them in doing so;

  • Providing service coordination and linkage with the individual’s other providers;
  • Providing temporary transportation assistance to fulfill medial, behavioral health, or other appointments while transitioning to community-based transportation such as public transportation or non-emergency medical transport;
  • Assisting to obtain benefit programs, housing, or health care coverage;
  • Collaborating with Emergency Services/Mobile Crisis Intervention (ESP/MCI), outpatient, or other providers to help develop, revise, and utilize crisis prevention and/or safety plans; and
  • Fostering self-empowerment, recovery, and wellness, including facilitating and promoting linkages with recovery-oriented, peer support and self-help supports and services.


How do I make a referral?

The CHD CSP Transition of Care Intake Form needs to be filled out and provided to CHD’s Office Manager or CSP Coordinator at Providence Behavioral Health Hospital. CSP must be preauthorized by the person’s Medicaid or commercial insurance plan.

To make a referral or for further information, please contact:  Litza Rodriguez, Office Manager or Astrid deSoete, CSP Coordinator, at (413) 316-1445.

Should the person know about the referral?

Absolutely! It is very helpful for the person to know why and when the referral was made so that they are prepared to meet us. It can be especially overwhelming for yet another provider to enter the person’s life unexpectedly.

When do I make a referral?

Referrals can be made at any time during the course of treatment. However, we have found that referrals received while a person is on an inpatient unit work best. Because the person is in a secure environment, it expedites making a connection with the person and allows CSP to be part of discharge treatment planning.

Fast Facts

Hours: Both day, evening and weekend hours are available. Same day appointments often available

Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, German

Insurances accepted: MBHP and MBHP Be Healthy. More insurance options coming soon. Please call (413) 316-1445 for more information