Mission, Purpose, Philosophy, Values, & Strategic Goals

Our Mission

The Center for Human Development (CHD) provides a broad range of high quality, community-oriented human services dedicated to promoting, enhancing and protecting the dignity and welfare of people in need.

Our Purpose

CHD is dedicated to advocacy, empowerment and fostering independence and community integration of the people we serve. Central to our success is our belief that organizational and administrative excellence is an essential component to the provision of quality human services and compassionate care.  CHD balances the innovation and creativity derived from a structure of programs that function with a measured level of autonomy with the efficiency and efficacy that derive from a strong central administrative and managerial core.  We have earned a local and national reputation for innovation in service delivery models supported by professional administrative structures.  CHD is committed to continually evaluating our models, structures and service outcomes to ensure our service recipients, funders and donors the highest quality services delivered with maximum efficiency.

CHD is a non-profit organization that is tax-exempt under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Our Philosophy and Values

Consumer Empowerment: CHD believes that the purpose of our services is to empower consumers to take charge of their own lives, to make their own choices and to develop to their full potential. We will always support full consumer membership in society with full assumption of the rights and responsibilities of that membership.

Individual Support: CHD believes that everyone is and should be treated as a unique and important human being.  Our prevention, intervention and support services, and all our efforts recognize that each person has his/her own unique differences and that the best and most appropriate response is one that always treats people as individuals and not simply as members of groups.

Respect: CHD believes that everyone – people we serve, people who work at CHD, people who relate to us and all community members – deserves and has the right to be treated with respect and dignity. We will always treat people in the same manner in which we would like ourselves or our loved ones to be treated.

Community Services: CHD believes that everyone has the right to live, work and receive help and services in their home communities. The community is the most appropriate and the best place for a person to develop the self-esteem, skills and confidence essential to achieving their fullest human potential. CHD is committed to the use of flexible, individualized services delivered in the familiar surroundings of local neighborhoods and communities.

Valuing Diversity: CHD strives to become a multi-cultural agency where people receive services that are culturally and linguistically responsive to their needs, and where staff and volunteers are valued for their unique identities and contributions.

Consumer and Family Involvement: CHD seeks to involve, where appropriate, consumers and their chosen family members and representatives in all decisions related to their treatment. CHD values the perspective of consumers and families, and seeks their input and participation in the management process.

Service Improvement: CHD strives to improve its services, to adopt best practices, to offer a flexible integrated continuum of services and to explore better ways to meet evolving needs.

Staff Empowerment: CHD believes that each staff member contributes to the total value of the CHD organization. CHD values the entrepreneurial, creative and proactive spirit, and values participatory decision making.

Professional Excellence: CHD believes that staff is the single, most important means for CHD to fulfill its mission. Excellence in services is a reflection of excellence in staff, and we will always strive to establish and maintain an optimal working environment – one that promotes the growth of staff as people and as professionals.

Organizational Excellence: CHD believes that organizational excellence is essential to providing quality services.  CHD’s services will always be supported by progressive, ethical, efficient and technologically-advanced administrative and management systems. We will strive constantly to offer competitive compensation and benefit packages. Our structure is characterized by a value on program autonomy.

Advocacy: CHD’s vision is for a better and more compassionate community that supports its vulnerable as well as its strong members. We promote community problem-solving and prevention approaches. CHD will take a lead role in advocating for the welfare and dignity of all people in the belief that the quality of life of the community as a whole is interdependent with the quality of life of each person in that community.

Recovery, Development and Change: CHD believes that all individuals are able to recover and develop abilities and skills to promote satisfying, productive lifestyles, and are able to bring about self-chosen change. CHD staff foster hope and provide encouragement, support and training to facilitate recovery.

Our Strategic Goals